About me

I was born in Rome where I grew up and I'm living. I've been attracted by figurative art since I was a child starting with painting. My interest about photography began shooting with film using my Father's Minolta with a Rokkor 45 mm f 1.8 lens. The passion arises mainly because i was attracted by the power of narrative reportage of war by Robert Capa, travel reportages about Asia by Cartier Bresson and deeply expressive portraits by Steve McCurry. The first kind of photography I approached was street-photography and travel reportage but in recent few years I'm getting more and more interested also about nature and wildlife photography that combines a passion for this art to chance to stay for hours into to the wild and deep silence admiring nature's beauty. I'm using Nikon equipment because i've been shooting with F bodies on film and I felt fine in the transition to digital with D bodies.I often use Nikkor old lenses with D bodies and they're still working very well in such scope as landscape or Macro photography where you don't need fast AF. Since June 2011, I'm Photographer partner of Nikon Professional Services. I usually arrange photographic workshop and traning courses not only in my hometown but also around the world. In summer I'm usually travelling in Africa for my Photographic&AID Project "Quello che non C'�". If you need more info about my work please do not esitate to contact me at ecastronovo@email.it or you can take a look at My Blog section on this site

Every of my fine art work are printed by Peristegraf Graphic Lab to ensure a top level quality.


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